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The Republican election weapon of 2014 is here: Voter Gravity in the News

Take a look at Voter Gravity in the news:

The Republican election weapon of 2014 is here

The Daily Caller: “Among Voter Gravity’s core features are the ability to organize election volunteers on the go — compiling universally accessible phone banks to let volunteers call from anywhere, creating tailored walk lists based on household voter data, and deploying those maps to mobile volunteers via the canvassing app.”

Insight: Republicans still seen falling behind in election data wars

Reuters: “Ned Ryun, founder of Republican campaign technology company Voter Gravity, pointed to the 2013 race for Virginia governor as an example of Republicans’ struggles with voter data… When campaigns do not retain or share data, Ryun said, it hurts candidates’ ability to persuade voters, and information that a campaign obtains cannot be used by future candidates.”

Google executive joins board that trains conservatives

OneNewsNow: “Ned Ryun, founder and CEO of Voter Gravity, recently announced the addition of Michele Weslander Quaid, chief technology officer for the public sector at Google, to its board. Weslander Quaid is a registered Independent who ‘cares deeply about constitutional conservatism.'”

GOP data firm adds big name

Politico: “Voter Gravity, a campaign technology company building out a multiplatform voter contact tool, reported the partial close funding with the Securities and Exchange Commission last week, the firm’s CEO said. The firm also added Matt Schlapp — the former White House political director under President George W. Bush — to its board.”