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Map-Based Walk Lists

User-friendly, mapped-out walk lists can be created easily and route optimized, helping campaigns complete in minutes what used to take days.

Integrated Phone Banking

No more worries about installing phone lines, renting cell phones, or ordering VoIP phone systems. Voter Gravity, now including predictive dialing, lets you setup the phone banks that work best for your campaign, from major victory centers to call-from-home.

Mobile Canvassing App

Deploy walk lists to your entire volunteer team in seconds. Monitor survey results in realtime. Simple app doesn't get in the way, but helps volunteers build relationships with voters. Lists are available even if the smartphone device is offline.

By 2016, 60% of the US population will have a smartphone.

What Others Are Saying

“Gravity was a lifesaver during the Wisconsin recall.”


"It allowed us to effectively reach targeted voters without the usual headaches that go along with planning ground games. The best part was being able to manage a full-fledged voter outreach program, even if I were miles away. It gave our organization the ability to simultaneously focus on other areas of the campaign without spending hours on preparation and oversight."

Ashley Schultz, State Director
Wisconsin Recall Action Fund

Tech President

Even as Romney's "Orca" was going belly-up on Election Day, another group of conservatives were enjoying the fruits of labor that began long before voters headed to the polls. As the 2012 campaign began, American Majority Action, a conservative 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, invested in a new tool called "Political Gravity." While roughly comparable to what Democrats made available to volunteers for their own field operations, Gravity was a novelty on the right: It was a mobile interface into voter data designed for grassroots advocates. An organization with a Gravity license could direct activists to the doors of specific voters, offer them a script of what to say on arrival, and give them the chance to record the results of that voter contact. A smattering of other right-wing groups, including FreedomWorks, enjoyed the benefits of this new tool.



Kozaria, who works for conservative group American Majority Action, enters Milaeger's details into his smartphone using a new get-out-the-vote application called Gravity - which the group provides free to Tea Party activists - that uploads the information to a central database.

The Hill

The Gravity program is designed to better capture voter data that gets lost during the frenzied final weeks of an election.


American Majority Action’s “Gravity” voter contact platform is being deployed by canvassers from a number of conservative groups, including the deep-pocketed national tea party organizing nonprofit FreedomWorks, ahead of Election Day.

Bob Reader, Kansas State Senate, District 22

I don’t think anybody in the history of this district has ever reached 10,000 voters door-to-door. This was enabled by your software [Gravity]. I never had to stress about where am I going, how to get there, which road to turn on. You took the stress out of door-to-door, and we rocked. Thank you for your services!

Tech President

We couldn't afford Voter Vault," explains Chris Priest, a Republican who ran a successful, shoestring campaign for Morgan County, Alabama circuit clerk, referring to the voter database honed by Karl Rove and national Republicans in the past few election cycles. Besides, Priest says, a local meeting of conservatives, with the help of the state GOP, came to the conclusion that Political Gravity was better suited to the needs of the 2012 environment. (01/29/2013)

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“The innovation was not the technology. The innovation was the ground game.”

Harper Reed, 2012 Obama for America CTO


Does Messaging Matter for the Campaign Volunteer?

BY Brandt Edmonston / Blog / 0 COMMENTS

Volunteers don’t always “get” messaging. Though committed and enthusiastic, they are not often trained in the do’s and don’ts of what they can and can’t say on the campaign trail. A staff member at campaign headquarters may simply point a Super Saturday volunteer in the right direction after handing him a tablet (or sadly still, a printed walk book) uploaded with a walk list and survey questions, and a handful of campaign literature.

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Early Voting Means Early GOTV

BY Brandt Edmonston / Blog / 0 COMMENTS

With only three Saturdays remain before Election Day, over 700,000 early and absentee ballots have already been cast. This includes votes in states that will likely decide who controls the Senate. The dynamics of GOTV efforts are changing as more and more states are allowing early voting, typically 15 to 30 days before Election Day.

I say this because 33 states in the U.S. allow for early voting. That old cliché, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush holds true. The more voters you can have locked in at the earliest possible moment, the better. Also, this means that your efforts can be focused and targeted only on those who have not yet voted. It saves campaigns time and money. As a senior Obama campaign aide said in 2012, "You stop sending them mail. You stop calling them. You don't need to knock on their door anymore." After all, well over 32 million ballots were cast before election day in 2012. That’s a lot of people campaigns didn’t have to contact, making their jobs immensely easier.

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4 Questions Every Candidate Needs to Ask About Money

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Often candidates run for office because they want to help people and lend a hand in solving problems in their community. But such well meaning candidates don’t always realize that the bulk of their time will be spent asking people for money. There are five questions a candidate who is going to make a serious run for office must ask — and answer.

1: How much money will it take to win?

The answer to this is crucial and you must be able to answer it. Come up with a realistic sum. You can accomplish this by looking at reports from previously successful campaigns.

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