Voter contact for the
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Map-Based Walk Lists

User-friendly, mapped-out walk lists can be created easily and route optimized, helping campaigns complete in minutes what used to take days.

Integrated Phone Banking

No more worries about installing phone lines, renting cell phones, or ordering VoIP phone systems. Voter Gravity, now including predictive dialing, lets you setup the phone banks that work best for your campaign, from major victory centers to call-from-home.

Mobile Canvassing App

Deploy walk lists to your entire volunteer team in seconds. Monitor survey results in realtime. Simple app doesn't get in the way, but helps volunteers build relationships with voters. Lists are available even if the smartphone device is offline.

By 2016, 60% of the US population will have a smartphone.

Voter Gravity Features

Targeting, Contacting and Turning Out Voters

Voter Gravity is a state-of-the-art mobile canvassing solution that can be accessed by smartphone, personal computer or tablet. Voter Gravity's simple and beautiful design produces targeted, insightful and immediate information about the audiences that mean most to your campaign.

Battle-Tested Technology

Launched in 2011, the Voter Gravity solution was developed by leading grassroots campaign experts who understand both the door-to-door and online battle for each vote. Every detail within Voter Gravity focuses on how to better identify, understand and turn out voters.

Integrated solution

Voter Gravity integrates mobile technology and a web based phone system through one interface, provides an extensive database of every US voter with key data points, real time access to data collected and a user-friendly dashboard and that helps you turn information into votes.

Full Feature List

map-250Beautiful Map-Based Walk-Lists

  • Optimized: Quickly create up to 25 walk lists at a time with the user-friendly, map-based process and optimize walk routes for the most efficient canvassing of any area
  • Time-efficient: Walk-lists that took three to four days to develop and complete can now be done in minutes
  • Easy Assignment: Assign walk lists to volunteers and have them canvassing in less than five minutes
  • Surveys "On the Fly:" Fully customizable pop-up scripts and surveys can be developed to any campaign, and quickly adjusted, even while volunteers are canvassing
  • Targeted Tagging: Voter information and preferences can be readily tagged for audience, issue, location, and more

Integrated Phone and Voter Contact System

  • Built-in Phone System: Voter Gravity is one of the first on the market to link canvassing and phone systems in real-time through automated call lists via VoIP, mobile, or landlines.
  • Easy Data Access: Clients can access pre-collected and databased voter contact information quickly
  • Quick Creation: Comprehensive call lists can be created in a matter of minutes
  • Predictive Dialing: Predictive dialing can be set-up through system to re-target voters with calls

Comprehensive Contact Management

  • Integration of campaign data with the voter file
  • Donor management: Track contributions and tag individual contributions by source
  • Build relationships: Add notes and social media links to better connect with your key supporters
  • More features coming soon!

Fast and Easy-to-Use Mobile App

  • Works on any device: The Voter Gravity mobile web app is accessible from any smartphone or tablet, including iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows, and Blackberry
  • Access walk lists: Volunteers can easily access any walk list assigned to them, view directions to the next house, and enter survey results right on the app.
  • Offline access: When a volunteer pulls up a walk list, the data is download to their device, making accessible even if they lose data coverage.
  • Voter search: Volunteers can search for any voter from their mobile device, making it easy to recruit volunteers, check-in people at an event, or mark voters on election day.

User-friendly and Intuitive Dashboard

  • Easy-to-Use: Big buttons and smart navigation are welcoming and will appeal to new and seasoned volunteers alike
  • Intuitive: Smart features such as one-touch upload ensure voter information is easily recorded and managed for future outreach and action
  • Quick Data Collection: Voter data entry is quick, easy, and in real-time, allowing for maximum voter interaction time
  • Less Voter Data Loss: Mobile platform encourages easy data entry and uploads, resulting in less data loss and better results

Cost-effective and Secure

  • Cost-effective: Competitive, transparent and affordable pricing make Voter Gravity accessible to any campaign
  • Secure: Voter Gravity data is cloud-based and highly secure with industry leading protocols and firewalls in place

Great Service and Support

  • Training: Voter Gravity clients are provided detailed guides, individual support, and intuitive training modules
  • Webinars/Training Sessions:  Voter Gravity offers regular training webinars and bi-weekly product webinars
  • Easy to Reach: Voter Gravity service representatives work campaign hours to make sure users have the support and help they need

Pre-loaded Database with Extensive Voter Information

  • Current: Voter Gravity is continually updated, augmented, and scrubbed for highly accurate and current information
  • Meaningful: Built by experienced political and technology leaders who understand grassroots campaigning
  • Robust: Pre-loaded with 175+ million active voter files ready for local voter information upload/download

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“The innovation was not the technology. The innovation was the ground game.”

Harper Reed, 2012 Obama for America CTO


Crisis and the press: 4 tips for campaign operatives

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Off-Year Voter Turnout Trends Since 1950

BY Brandt Edmonston / Blog / 0 COMMENTS

Midterm election turnouts are always significantly lower than on presidential election years. This is a natural byproduct of what voters perceive to be a less significant election, so no one is surprised by low midterm turnout.

However, this cycle, candidates and consultants alike were surprised at the very low turnout in 2014. A mere 36.4% of eligible voters actually voted.

Such a low voter turnout has not occurred since World War II. In the 1942 midterms, turnout came to 33.9% of eligible voters. One would think that the same cycle that set campaign expenditure records would also have turned out more voters. The opposite seems to be true. Record high expenditures seemed to only be able to produce a little bit of involvement.

Here is a comparison of midterm election involvement since 1950:

  • 1950: 44%
  • 1954: 44%
  • 1958: 45%
  • 1962: 48%
  • 1966: 49%
  • 1970: 47%
  • 1974: 39%
  • 1978: 39%
  • 1982: 43%
  • 1986: 39%
  • 1990: 40%
  • 1994: 42%
  • 1998: 39%
  • 2002: 41%
  • 2006: 41%
  • 2010: 42%
  • 2014: 36%

These figures definitely demonstrate significant variance in voter turnout during midterm election cycles. However, it is fascinating to realize that just over 42 percent of eligible voters on average determine who our elected officials are.

Not only was this year’s turnout incredibly low, but turnout is just low in general. Only two people in five, roughly, make their voices heard about who will govern them. This country is truly run by a minority of its overall population.

Door-to-Door Canvassing: Collecting Data That Matters

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Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Upon reaching the top of the hill, Jack got distracted because he saw dozens of empty pails all sitting around the well. Some of these pails were very nice, so he and Jill both grabbed as many pails as they could carry and walked back down the hill. When they got to the bottom of the hill Jack and Jill were both soundly scolded because they had wasted all kinds of time collecting more pails than they would ever need, when all they were supposed to do was fill their one pail with water so that they would have something to revive their unconscious, and overheated mother.

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