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Voter Gravity produces targeted, insightful and immediate information about voters, donors, and activists that mean the most to a campaign. Easily access all of the voter data you need and turn that data into votes.


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Voter Gravity empowers campaigns to unleash their voter contact efforts, making your strategy bigger, faster, and more targeted than ever before. Contact us to take Voter Gravity for a spin.

Save time by creating dozens of optimized, user friendly, mobile walk lists in minutes:
  • Optimization
    Quickly create walk lists of up to 500 households at one time with the user-friendly, map-based system to optimize walk routes for the most effective canvassing.
  • Time-efficiency
    Harness the data of your campaign to turn out the right voters.
  • Assignment
    Assign walklists to volunteers with a single click.
  • Surveys
    Create fully customizable surveys that can be appended on the fly.
  • Targeted Tagging
    Collect voter data to activate voters when needed.
Set up phone banks ranging from major victory centers to a single volunteer at home:
  • Phones
    Link door-to-door canvassing with phone banking in real-time.
  • Data
    Access clean voter contact information and premium data.
  • Creation
    Comprehensive call lists can be created in just a few clicks.
  • Predictive Dialing
    Predictive dialing can be set-up through system to re-target voters.
  • Donor Management
    Track contributions and tag individual contributions.
  • Build Relationships
    Add notes and social media links to better connect with your key supporters.
Deploy walk lists to your entire volunteer team in seconds:
  • Universal
    Access from any smartphone or tablet.
  • Walk lists
    Assign volunteers a walk list that enables them to view directions to the next house and enter survey results right into the app.
  • Online/Offline
    Access all walk lists even if staff or volunteers lose data coverage.
  • Voter Search
    Search for any voter from a mobile device, making it easy to recruit volunteers, check-in people at an event or mark voters on election day.
  • Easy-to-Use
    Big buttons and smart navigation are welcoming and will appeal to new and seasoned volunteers.
  • Intuitive
    Smart features such as one-touch upload ensure voter information is easily recorded and managed for future outreach and action.
  • Collection
    Voter data entry is quick, easy, and in real-time, allowing for maximum voter interaction time.
  • Less Human Error: The mobile platform encourages data entry resulting in less data loss and better results.
  • Integrated
    Access the best ESPs, donation software, and web development systems through the Voter Gravity portal.
  • Cost-effective
    Competitive, transparent and affordable pricing make Voter Gravity accessible to any campaign.
  • Secure
    Voter Gravity data is cloud-based and highly secure with industry leading protocols.
  • Training
    Clients are provided detailed guides, individual support, and intuitive training modules
  • Webinars
    Clients and volunteers are able to receive advice on any part of the system.
  • Support
    Our service representatives work campaign hours to make sure users have the support and help you need.
  • Comprehensive
    Extensive database of every voter within your district.
  • Current
    Voter data is continually updated, augmented, and scrubbed.
  • Meaningful
    Built by experienced political and technology leaders who understand grassroots campaigning.
  • Robust
    Pre-loaded with active voter files ready for additional local voter data.


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