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Announcing New Feature for Campaigns & Additional Capital

Catching Up on Campaign Tech
Please take three minutes to read my new piece in The American Spectator titled, “Catching Up on Campaign Tech.” There’s a lot to learn from last month’s election in order to gain real momentum for 2014:
“Virginia’s gubernatorial elections just weeks ago offered the first test of whether the GOP had learned its lessons from 2012—and an honest assessment shows more work to be done. Democrat Terry McAuliffe scaled down Obama’s model, contracting with BlueLabs, an analytics and data company started by some of Obama for America’s senior analytics staff, and fundraising and get-out-the-vote firm NGP VAN to model and target Virginians. McAuliffe ultimately won by less than 2.5 percent.

Republicans need to do better.”

Announcing Voter Gravity Contacts

Winning elections isn’t just about contacting voters. It’s about building relationships with supporters, contributors, and other key contacts who may or may not be voters in your district.

Today we are excited to announce a brand new feature in Voter Gravity that gives campaigns and organizations the ability to integrate all of their data into one place.

The new Voter Gravity Contacts module gives you an easy place to store your campaign’s contacts, manage donors, and keep in touch with the people most important to your campaign.

The Contacts module is a lean tool today, and we will be adding new functionality to it in the coming weeks. Take Voter Gravity Contacts for a spin. Sign up for a free demo today!

Voter Gravity Raises Additional Capital

We’re really excited to share that we’ve recently raised $2 million in partial close funding with a goal of doubling that. It’s exciting to reach this new stage of growth, and we’re grateful for our friends, family, investors, partners, and users who have helped us get to this point.