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Voter Gravity congratulates Andy Barkett, new RNC CTO

Voter Gravity would like to congratulate Andy Barkett on his hiring as the new Chief Technology Officer at the Republican National Committee.

“Hiring Andy is a positive step in the right direction for the RNC. It puts everyone on notice that they are serious about leveraging technology,” said Voter Gravity CEO Ned Ryun. “Voter Gravity is all about deploying data, analytics and technology broadly to impact elections, and we look forward to seeing more good news like this come out of the RNC.” Continue reading →

Ned Ryun on the Technology Divide

In case you missed it, an op-ed by Ned Ryun was featured in The American Spectator recently that tackles the fundamental question about how the GOP approaches voter contact.

“…the biggest gap we have with regard to databases and technology is not on the technical side. The real issue is whether the right will accept the idea that data and technology should be so integrated into our decision making, get-out-the-vote operations, and messaging efforts, that it becomes a part of our DNA.” Continue reading →