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Doing the boring stuff

A tech startup can be a really fun place to work. Lots of new ideas and creativity. Solving problems and seeing new products come to life. We love releasing new features and getting to share those updates with you.

But this week, we need to talk about the boring stuff. Because the heart of a tech company isn’t the code, it’s the users. And as Voter Gravity has seen 1200% growth so far this year, our attention has been absolutely, completely, laser-like focused on making the system better for our users.

From a new search engine to a refactored phone system, plus an optimized database and new tools to manage contacts, we are committed to doing the boring, laborious, rip-your-hair-out work that actually makes a difference to day-to-day users who are trying to also do the boring stuff — knock on doors, contact voters and motivate volunteers — that wins elections.

We’ve also updated millions of voter records — calling county clerks, working with multiple data vendors, appending third-party data, and cleaning up addresses by hand that no automated system could decipher. If you haven’t looked at Voter Gravity recently, check out a demo this week.

It’s this commitment to our users that keeps us focused on building a rock solid platform to help you turn data into votes. Thank you for being a part of it!