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Bringing Your Data Together Like Never Before

Like any tech startup, we love getting user feedback. And from what we’ve heard over the past few months, one thing keeps coming up — how can campaigns bring all of their data together in one place?
That’s the question we start off with every morning, and our (only slightly unhealthy) obsession with solving that problem has led us to release several new features in Voter Gravity over the past few days. Take a look at some of the powerful new options available to users today to integrate data, persuade voters, and win elections:

Contact-to-Voter Matching

Last fall we released our Contacts module, letting campaigns manage donors and non-voter supporters in our system, and became the first app in politics to integrate with Zapier, bringing users access to hundreds of web apps.
Today, we’re excited to bring you the ability to connect your contacts with their voter record. Now you can bring together your web signups and match them up with voter data, creating rich profiles of the voters you want to reach most.
In the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out even more ways to search, segment, filter, and define target audiences across both their contact and voter records. This makes Voter Gravity the most integrated data management platform available for conservatives, and we’re excited to see how you will use these tools to make an impact.

Append Voter Data
We’re always happy to import data for our users and match tags to the voter file, but campaigns can’t always wait for an engineer to prepare a custom upload. They need their data in NOW. 
So we’ve built a tool to allow you to do just that. With the new Data Import feature, you can upload your own files, match them to the voter file, and then tag the matched voters. You can also add phone numbers, email addresses, and notes at anytime, right from Voter Gravity.

New Phone System
You asked for more robust options in the phone bank, and we’ve delivered. In April we released a series of updates to our Phone Bank Module, bringing you:

  • A better headset calling option
  • Improved dial in option, so you now stay connected to the system between calls
  • Leave pre-recorded voicemail messages
  • More robust admin options

A Note on Data
As we all know, voter data is messy. But we do our best to wrangle that data into a usable format so you can better build relationships with voters. Toward that end, we have partnered with several data providers across the center-right to be sure the data available in Voter Gravity is the best, most accurate information available. This is an on-going process and we will continue to work at it. Our ultimate goal is to make data accessible to campaigns on the ground, and we are working with some awesome, brilliant data providers to make that possible.