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Integrate Voter Gravity with Hundreds of Apps

As we enter 2014, effectively utilizing campaign tech is more important than ever before. Winning elections first requires efficiently organizing the right resources. What’s worse than spending too many staff and volunteer hours on tasks that don’t result in votes? I believe it is critical to maintain a laser-sharp focus on the things that matter by simplifying tasks and eliminating disorder. Let’s stop cutting walk-lists that don’t make sense and drain the enthusiasm of valued volunteers by sending them to the wrong routes. Instead, start keeping track of tasks in one space, knowing in real-time when voters have been contacted, what their responses were, and who contacted them.

This is why I’m excited to share two of our most recent advances in using Voter Gravity to simplify your campaign:

1. Now They Talk to Each Other: All Web Apps Integrated

Voter Gravity is the first application in politics to integrate with Zapier, a service that makes your web apps talk to each other. Thanks to this ground-breaking integration, you can link Voter Gravity with over 250 other web applications, enabling you to use the website, email, and social tools you want without forcing you into a box. Some of the web apps include Gravity Forms (for WordPress), MailChimp, Emma, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Eventbrite, and more. See the full directory of apps you can use here.

For current users, to begin using Voter Gravity and Zapier, contact our support team and we will get you set up! If you aren’t using Voter Gravity yet and would like to integrate voter data with your other web apps, what’s stopping you? Request a demo today!

2. Time is Money: All New Voter Search

Searching for contacts in Voter Gravity is now a quicker, easier process than ever before! This week we’ve launched an all-new search engine that will speed up voter lookups. The new search quickly pulls up voters by name or address. There’s only so much time in a day and this is part of an overall focus to make Voter Gravity lightening fast, which means making your campaign more efficient and productive.