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Lessons Learned from a Congressional Candidate

The best advice comes from those with experience. Which is why I enjoyed this piece by Dan Bongino, former candidate for the MD-6 Congressional District, as a post election analysis of his own campaign. I want to highlight five of his eight insightful points:

1: Be a self sufficient campaign

His very first tip is, “don’t expect a lot of help from the national Party if you are not willing to toe the company line”. You need to be as self sufficient an organization as possible. Act as though no one is coming to save you. Any help is an added bonus.

2: Take social media seriously

Social media allows constituents to hear more from you then they ever could before. Be cautious, but take the time and opportunity to tell them what you believe in your own words. He states, “ I’ve found the only real way to consistently grow your social media presence is to commit to producing fresh, daily content in your own words.”

3: Get the local media involved

Be all over the local news networks and newspapers. Not with advertisements, but work with reporters to get your campaign covered. Give them stories to write. This is publicity that counts and that can’t be bought.

4: Get out and talk to people

Even in federal races, politics is local. It’s all about talking to people and making that personal contact. Bongino reminds you that, “Direct voter contact is a tried and true method to change voter’s minds.”

5: Be genuine

There is nothing more attractive to voters than hearing what the candidate actually believes and thinks. People need to believe that you actually believe what you’re saying and are going to do what you say. Be the genuine article.

Read Bongino’s full piece here.