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Majority of Americans Now Own Smartphones

Harper Reed, the now-famous CTO for the 2012 Obama campaign, said at a presentation following the campaign, “Technology was more important this cycle because in 2008 we were using technology. In 2012, our parents were.”

His assertion seems to have held up as a new study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that more than half – 56% – of all cell phone devices in the US are now smartphones.

“This represents a mass societal shift to handheld devices that live on the mobile Web. It will have a profound effect on small and medium-sized business. Merchants that embrace mobile marketing will thrive. Those that don’t will face increasingly harsh competition. It’s the new Mobile Darwinism,” Mobile App Source President Michael Berner says.

To us, this means the era of mobile canvassing is now. If you want to be ahead of the shift, fill out the form below for a free demo.