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Maximizing GOTV

As election day draws closer, there isn’t a campaign that doesn’t wish they had more money or people. Because, as every campaign knows, those two resources solve almost any problem.

But even working with limited resources, campaigns are now moving all their hard work and effort toward get out the vote (GOTV) efforts. You’ve worked for months to identify supporters and persuade people who were on the fence, and now the time has come to make sure those people vote. Now it is time to win.

Voter Gravity has a great tool to help in maximizing GOTV efforts on election day, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Mobile Strike List for Election Day

In order to make sure your identified supporters vote, you can use our Voter Gravity Mobile Strike List feature to mark down people who have voted. Do this on your phone at every polling location on election day, instantly sending the information to your campaign. This enables the campaign to contact any supporters which haven’t yet voted and track strike list progress as it happens.

How do you do this? Simply create a target list of voters, assign the targeted voters to volunteers by precinct and make sure they select who has voted on their Voter Gravity app as lists of voters become available at each polling location.

As your campaign strikes voters off the list of those who should be voting, add those who still need to vote to phone and contact lists and give them friendly reminders.

Don’t waste your hard work. Give your campaign the best chance to make sure every identified supporter and target voter makes it to the polls.