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More firepower

August might be a slow month for politicians, but at Voter Gravity we’ve been hard at work building new features to bring more power and speed to our users.

Check out these two new features rolling out soon:

New Survey Builder

How do you know who is really a targeted voter? A persuadable voter? A pro-life voter? You ask them questions, of course.

And asking smart, targeted questions just got a whole lot easier with the new Survey Builder in Voter Gravity. Campaigns can create their own surveys without having to contact support, and they can create multiple surveys and assign them to walk lists or phone banks. This makes it faster and easier to get targeted ID and persuasion efforts into the field.

The new Survey Builder also gives savvy campaigns the ability to create conditional branching. For instance, if a voter responds to the first question with answer A, then the second question could be different than if they responded with answer B. Conditional branching lets you drill down into a voter’s perspective, allowing you to communicate with them with more authentic, targeted messages.


New Data Upload System

Every campaign knows it — managing data can be a pain. But that is about to become much easier thanks to a new data upload system that allows campaigns to upload lists via the Voter Gravity portal. One of our engineers will then review the list and ensure the data is imported seamlessly.

It’s just another way Voter Gravity is making it easier for campaigns to own their data and turn that data into votes.