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New Dynamic Voter Survey Means No More Waiting

Gathering data on a variety of voter types has never been easier. Voter Gravity has long possessed the ability to hold multiple surveys in one account and assign each survey to different features or walk lists. But every survey has not been available to every voter at the same time. This has changed.

Now switch surveys instantaneously! Our new dynamic survey feature still lets clients choose a default phone or mobile survey, but in the event that someone other than the target voter answers the phone or door, you can change surveys while speaking with them to account for their unique needs. With this instantaneous opportunity, there is no waiting for campaign management to make these changes.The ability to use multiple surveys on any given walk or phone list does not negate the ability for those surveys to be branchable. Voter Gravity clients can still build surveys in a way which alters the survey’s path based on the voters’ response.

So what is the use case for a survey being changed at the door?

Let’s say your campaign would like to have three surveys active:

  1. Survey for Republicans with the goal of identifying opportunities to better engage and become more active with your campaign.
  2. Survey for Democrats who you don’t believe can be won over for support, but could provide the opportunity for issues-based connection over time and a future growth opportunity.
  3. Survey for the elusive swing voter where you need to determine what will make them vote a certain direction.

Each of those surveys should be branchable and geared to digging as deep as possible with the fewest number of questions. This would be difficult to do with a single survey, even with the nuance of branching off each question.

Now you can do both.

Plan for each potential interaction, and gather just the right amount of data in the shortest period of time through the combination of branching and dynamic survey selection.

The art of successful live voter contact is the ability to gather valuable information while building trust in a brief period of time. What you say and learn from a swing voter should be very different than what you say and learn from a Republican voter. Therefore your conversation needs to reflect these different needs.

It makes no sense for your mobile database company or field directors to manually assign surveys. The opportunity to capture the right data and strike the right tone lies in that moment, and is imperative to a dynamic, winning campaign.

You may never get another chance with that voter, so this dynamic survey feature is designed to provide the greatest opportunity for every interaction. To see a demo on how this feature works, schedule one with Voter Gravity here!