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New Integration with NSA PRISM

Our users are always looking for new and innovative ways to better reach the right voters with the right message at the right time. Towards this objective, we’ve built an array of tools — a dedicated survey builder and voter contact tools like our canvassing and phone banking apps. We’ve also provided ways to integrate with other streams of data, such as contributions, surveys and volunteer sign ups.

So today I’m excited to announce that we have fully integrated data streams from the NSA’s PRISM project. This robust new premium add-on from Voter Gravity not only gives you more insights into what voters are really thinking, you’ll also be able to find out what they had for breakfast.


Imagine the possibilities with the NSA’s unique data feeding right into your Voter Gravity account. Here’s some of the key benefits:

  • Knock on doors, confident voters are not on the phone with Real-Time Call Tracking, then ask about their Aunt Gladice’s gallstone, knowing she passed it that morning.
  • Search text transcripts of every email, voicemail, phone call, and bedroom conversation to conduct sentiment analysis and find out what your voters really think about the issues.
  • Tap into the powerful transcripts of personal and corporate IM conversations to learn more about water cooler conversations.
  • Actually listen to water cooler conversations via high-tech listening devices throughout your district (where available).
  • Sync your opponents’ cell phone conversations to your iPhone or Android smartphone and enjoy listening at your convenience.
  • Add any photo from any voter’s social media profile to their Voter Gravity profile. Select from selfies, group selfies, food pics, vacation shots, kid photos and more. Anything voters post online can now be part of Voter Gravity!

There’s really no limit — and I mean NO limit — to the amount of personal information you can now integrate into Voter Gravity.

If you’re interested in adding NSA’s PRISM data to your Voter Gravity account, please sign up for a demo today.