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New mobile app + Walklist XL get campaigns in the field faster

Campaigns are anything but bureaucratic. When something needs to happen on a campaign, it needs to happen quickly. That’s why we went back to the drawing board to completely redesign our mobile app and how walklist are created in Voter Gravity.

Starting tomorrow, campaigns will have access to two new features that will work in tandem to enable faster, bigger canvassing efforts via Voter Gravity.

Build Walklists Faster: Introducing Walklist XL.

On the Portal, administrators creating walk lists will now have access to a new option when drawing lists: Walklist XL. Using Walkist XL, campaigns can add up to 500 addresses on a walklist (even though we don’t recommend walk lists that big, just for your volunteers’ sake!).

With Walklist XL, the Optimize process is now optional as well. So you can create a walklist on the map, save it and assign it all from the same screen.

The new, optional address ordering process can be started from either the map or the Manage Walklists page. Here, instead of waiting on Google to optimize your walklist, you can get started right way.

Addresses will be grouped by street name by default, but you can create new groups easily, then move addresses under new or existing groups. Changes are saved in realtime, so it’s easier to move quickly to organized lists.

Mobile Canvassing for Pros: The New Voter Gravity Mobile App.

On the mobile app, canvassers in the field can now select specific addresses from a list, so it’s easier to canvass houses based on where they start their walk, or the route they choose to take.

Canvassers can also access a new voter detail screen that will give them more information about a voter before they knock on the door, making for a better, more informed conversation.

Moving through the mobile app will feel familiar to long-time users as most of the workflow is the same. Canvassers will still be able to enjoy the ability to work offline

We hope you enjoy this new update to Voter Gravity and put it to use right away to connect with more voters, build better relationships, and win elections.

Not using Voter Gravity yet, or haven’t lately? Sign up for a demo today to walk through these new features.