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Ohio Presidential Flash Poll

This week’s Voter Gravity Presidential flash poll was conducted in Ohio. It was once again conducted with GOP primary voters who voted in 4 of the last 4 primaries, as our target for these polls is the Republican base.

The poll was conducted using Gravity’s touchtone survey tool, and had 7,130 respondents from across Ohio. All our clients have access to this same resource to poll voters in their respective districts at any time.

We happily acknowledge early polling has more to do with name ID and familiarity, but the results are clearly showing a trend, not only in Voter Gravity flash polls, but also with other national polling – Scott Walker has solidified his position as a Tier 1 candidate.

It’s also interesting to note that Ben Carson, despite holding no elected office, has been consistently showing better than Cruz, Paul, Christie and Rubio – considered more serious candidates by most pundits. Mike Huckabee continues to consistently earn a healthy percentage of the vote with Jeb Bush always earning one of the top spots.

In future posts, we’ll be showing some results of cross referencing these identified supporters against other data in our system such as: donor status, income levels, age or even issues to help any campaign find new donors and shape their message.

If you are interested in signing up with Voter Gravity to help your campaign or organization, simply request a demo of our system here. 

Click here to view this week’s Ohio Presidential Flash Poll.