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Do Your Own Polling

Looking to get some last second insight into voters in your district?

Need to test one more issue before you start your last minute GOTV or print that final mail piece?

Voter Gravity is happy to provide touchtone phone surveys for our clients starting today. You’ll be able to target the voters you want to survey, record your own questions and initiate your survey campaign 24 hours a day.

The best part is – all the data gathered from the surveys is automatically added in the system and appended to voters’ profiles. From one interface, you can now run a completely integrated walk, live call, touchtone and online campaign.

No spreadsheets. No extra tools. No extra time.

A thousand custom targeted surveys for just $50. This is affordable for any campaign at just $.05/minute. You can begin creating your first touchtone survey today!

In addition to the release of Voter Gravity touchtone surveys, we have also upgraded our data import tool.

This tool allows users to import multiple data points at once with a CSV of voters. Once the voters have been tagged with your chosen data points, you can use all of your existing Voter Gravity tools to target those voters.