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Voter Gravity 2.0 arms campaigns with the power to turn data into votes

Voter Gravity 2.0 has arrived, bringing with it stunning, next-generation maps, faster walk-list optimization, an innovative new canvassing app that works on any smartphone, an integrated phone banking feature, and the ability to track all of your data in real-time.

What this really means is that you can now build a bigger, faster, and more targeted voter contact effort than ever before. You can target the right voters, reach them with the right message, and motivate them to action.

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Here’s just a few of the new features in Voter Gravity 2.0:

Beautiful Map-Based Walk Lists

User-friendly, mapped-out walk-lists can be created 25 at a time (with ability to reach 625 voters), helping campaigns complete in minutes what used to take days.

Integrated Phone Banking

No more worries about installing phone lines, renting cell phones, or ordering VoIP phone systems. Voter Gravity, now including predictive dialing, lets you setup the phone banks that work best for your campaign, from major victory centers to call-from-home.

Mobile Canvassing App

Deploy walk lists to your entire volunteer team in seconds. Monitor survey results in realtime. Simple app doesn’t get in the way, but helps volunteers build relationships with voters. Lists are available even if the smartphone device is offline.

Built for Any Size Campaign

Voter Gravity is designed to be easy enough for the smallest campaign but powerful enough for the biggest. Our pricing is competitive, transparent, and affordable for anyone running for school board, city council, Congress, or President.

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