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Voter Gravity featured in TechPresident

TechPresident is one of the leading online publications that covers politics and technology, so we were excited to see them profile Voter Gravity recently:

“Republican-leaning technology entrepreneurs are working hard to fill the tech gap for their party.

“The new version enables turf-cutters to cut up to 25 walk lists, instead of just one, said the company’s Founder Ned Ryun, who is also CEO of the conservative issue advocacy group American Majority Action. The revamped system now also enables canvassers to conduct surveys and includes a predictive dialing system. The dialing systems are so named because they enable campaigns to call multiple people at the same time and connects the first person who answers with a campaign volunteer, saving those volunteers from having to hang up and dial again when nobody answers. Maps have also been upgraded in version 2.0 of Voter Gravity’s mobile canvassing system: The company has partnered with Esri, the digital mapping company, to provide higher-quality maps.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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