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Voter Gravity will be at CPAC, will you?

Voter Gravity’s Ned Ryun, Chris Littleton, and Aubrey Blankenship are set to speak at the CPAC Activism Boot Camp March 2-4 on campaign technology, GOTV, and digital activism. If you’re attending CPAC, the boot camp is included in your conference pass.

This year’s CPAC Activism Boot Camp is set to build on last year’s talks. Featuring the best speakers in the industry, each day will bring a slew of engaging topics to get you prepared for campaign season. Candidates, campaign staff, and campaign volunteers will find valuable training tailored to fit their prospective roles in modern campaigns.

The program starts at 1:00 on Wednesday, March 2, with training tracks designed specifically for three groups:


Candidates, Activists, and Tech Industry

Learn about the impact, importance, and capabilities of technology in this candidate-focused track, but not for candidates only! Anyone wanting to make an impact on their local political scene should consider joining these sessions.

Don’t miss the following tracks:

Voter Gravity’s Chris Littleton speaks on Wednesday at 2:30pm on “What Is Political Database Technology and How Will It Help?”

Voter Gravity CEO Ned Ryun presents on Wednesday at 4:00pm titled “Say Goodbye to Clipboards: How to Run a Campaign from Your Smartphone.”



From recruiting fellow students, engaging in student government, and learning how to exercise your right of free speech in liberal-dominated universities, if you are a student wanting to make an impact in campaigns and on campus you will not want to miss this opportunity!


Community Activists

Organization is critical to the success of any election. From the lofty Presidential campaign to the lowly city council race, any campaign without organization is doomed from the beginning. In this track, interested activists will learn how to organize in a post-Obama world, how to beat the Left at their own game, and much more.

Be sure to check out “Social Media: How to Become the Digital Activist Every Movement Needs” by Voter Gravity’s Digital Marketing Manager Aubrey Blankenship at 3:15 on Wednesday.

The training doesn’t slow down there! Starting at 10:00am on Thursday, March 3rd learn to reach veterans and minority voters, become the press, engage millennials, and loads more!

Finally, beginning Friday, March 4th at 10:00am with presentations ranging from conservative talk radio and citizen journalists, to how to get out the vote with digital strategies.

Regardless of how you plan to help in the 2016 election season, you are sure to find trainings that will intrigue, inform, and inspire you to make a difference in your community. Join us March 2-4! For more information, visit the CPAC Activisim Boot Camp website at http://cpac.conservative.org/activism-boot-camp/