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Voter technology in 21st century: Get smart or get left behind

The founder of a political advocacy group is branching into new territory: voter technology.

Voter Gravity, a campaign technology company, is recognized for its integrated and voter contact solution. The company filed its $2 million in partial funding last week with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Ned Ryun, founder and president of American Majority, an organization that identifies and trains candidates and activists to become involved in the political process, is behind the new venture.

He says Republicans can’t depend on winning elections by chance.

“I think those on the center-right are finally waking up and understanding, We had better do something about our data. We had better do something about our technology, or we will get left behind,” he tells OneNewsNow.

A November story on American Majority, for example, describes how to use social media to reach others or, to be more exact, “nine ways to fail at social media.”

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