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37 Tweet Ideas for the Political Candidate

Maybe your political campaign is keeping you so busy you’re struggling to find time to keep up with your role in social media. You’ve just hit a wall and are having a difficult time generating content. Chances are, you may be over-thinking it.

The great (and maybe not so great) thing about Twitter is that pretty much anything goes. Not every single tweet needs to push your campaign forward in an obvious way. The whole point of Twitter for the political candidate is to enable you to connect with more people. But unless you’re personal, it will be just as hard to connect online as it is in person. So unless your post is wildly offensive or inappropriate, it’s fine to post. That being said, there are ways to fail at Twitter, so make sure that your tweets aren’t hurting your cause.

If you’re still struggling to generate content, here is a list of what to tweet:

  1. Infographics
  2. Inspirational Quotes
  3. “Today in History” facts
  4. Radio and TV interviews
  5. Occasional links to your donate page
  6. Opportunities to volunteer for your campaign
  7. Commentary on national and local news
  8. Shout-outs to friends, volunteers, and colleagues
  9. Links to your blog
  10. Links to your website
  12. Replies to people who mention you
  13. Political events you’re hosting
  14. Pictures of your family
  15. Comment on current events
  16. Questions to followers
  17. Platform points
  18. Pictures of your volunteers
  19. Local events that you’ll be attending
  20. Relevant articles
  21. Pictures of you
  22. Fun/interesting statistics
  23. Political events occurring in the area
  24. Pictures of your hometown
  25. Local business highlights
  26. The benefits of living in your town
  27. What you’d change to make “home” a better place to live
  28. Shout out to campaign volunteers
  29. Thank local businesses for their support
  30. Breaking news
  31. Press releases
  32. YouTube clips
  33. How-to’s
  34. Trending topics, if relevant (complete with hashtags)
  35. Vine videos
  36. Links to pictures on your Instagram
  37. Fun facts about your town/state