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How to Build Your Own Survey

Customize with Voter Gravity’s Survey Builder

The survey is a critical tool for campaigns to use when going door-to-door or phone banking. Campaigns of all sizes benefit from determining – and recording – the issues with which their voters identify most strongly.

The ability for candidates to create their own customized surveys for their unique campaigns is something we’re very excited about. Campaign staff can easily build surveys through Voter Gravity, allowing you to connect with voters and gather the data that will best serve your campaign! Check out my “how to” video on the step by step process of building a survey. 

Save Voter Profiles

We’re also rolling out a new feature with the goal of making Voter Gravity as user friendly as possible. You can now create filters and save those filters as a Target Voter Profile. This means that whenever you log in to the Voter Gravity portal, you can connect with that customized profile, quickly accessing the specific voters your campaign needs to contact and turn out.