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Download Now: CPAC Campaign & Activism Guides

We were excited to meet and talk with each conservative who took the time to learn the latest in political training at the 2016 CPAC Activism Boot Camp. As you walked into the Activism Boot Camp, one of our volunteers handed you a series of guides describing how you can train to win in your local communities. We want to make sure that you receive an electronic copy of these flyers to share with family and friends:

  • Next-Level Campaign Guide: The days of paper walk books and clipboard surveys are over. Use this next-level guide to learn how to run a leading-edge campaign, top strategies for cutting-edge campaigns, how to set a vote goal, and how to integrate all aspects of your campaign.
  • Student Activism Guide: Only 43% of millennials are politically literate and a mere 26% are getting involved. Use this guide to learn how to leverage cutting-edge technology, impact local politics, and talk about issues without making enemies—all while still in college.
  • Community Activism Guide: You are on the front lines, so this guide will give you the top tips you need to bring fiscal sanity and principled leaders to your communities. Learn how to build a grassroots activism network, stay informed on local issues, and engage your network to #win2016.

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