Download Now: CPAC Campaign & Activism Guides

We were excited to meet and talk with each conservative who took the time to learn the latest in political training at the 2016 CPAC Activism Boot Camp. As you walked into the Activism Boot Camp, one of our volunteers handed you a series of guides describing how you can train to win in your local communities. We want to make sure that you receive an electronic copy of these flyers to share with family and friends: Continue reading →

Simplifying Donations for Political Campaigns

Raising money should be the number one task for any political candidate. Making donations for political campaigns as smooth and integrated as possible puts the campaign on the road to success.

Last week we announced that Voter Gravity has fully integrated with best-in-business apps to bring our clients the most integrated experience possible. We are thrilled to offer an integration with Anedot, who unlike most online donation solutions, understands the needs specific to campaigns. Campaigns can use the Anedot donation tools on their websites or social media, and every donation will be automatically captured and stored in Voter Gravity. Continue reading →

10 Free No-Nonsense Stock Photo Sites for Your Campaign

When you’re looking for images to use in your social media or websites, it’s important to note that you can’t just copy and paste images from your Google search. We all know this. But what’s the alternative? While we recommend purchasing graphics from sites like Bigstockphoto.com and iStockphoto.com, it’s always good to know you’re options. Continue reading →

Voter Gravity Participates in ACU Buckeye Boot Camp & Debate Watch Party

From the organization that brings you CPAC, the American Conservative Union presents Get Ready to Fight: Buckeye Boot Camp and Debate Watch Party. Join us for a day of training, speeches, and debate! The Cleveland, Ohio event on August 6 features grassroots training, speeches from presidential candidates, an opportunity to network, and more. Only two blocks from the FOX News Republican Primary Debate!

The FREE Buckeye Boot Camp is your opportunity to be equipped with the latest knowledge about how to win in 2016. Ned Ryun and Chris Littleton will presenting on the critical topics of campaign technology, social media activism and voter contact.  Continue reading →

Well-organized campaign gives Voter Gravity-client big win

Faquier Now highlighted Rick Gerhardt’s win as the new Cedar Run District Supervisor in Virginia:

“I just can’t believe the margin is this big,” Mr. Gerhardt said about 90 minutes after taking 63 percent of the vote to win the Republican nomination and unseat Mr. Sherbeyn, whose first term expires at year’s end.

Like many of our clients, Gerhardt used Voter Gravity to run a winning small campaign. He won with 1,184 votes to Sherbeyn’s 685. Continue reading →

Colorado Republicans: Presidential Flash Poll Results

The Voter Gravity Presidential Flash Poll this week was conducted in Colorado. We surveyed 8,296 respondents using the Voter Gravity touchtone survey tool. Don’t forget that if you’re a Voter Gravity client, you can run an unlimited amount of these flash polls yourself!

The Denver Post and Breitbart News picked up the story. Check out what they have to say about the results: Continue reading →

Roll Call: CPAC Campaign Boot Camp Trains GOP to Catch Up

Read full Roll Call piece highlighting Ned Ryun’s participation in the CPAC Activism Boot Camp here.

CPAC Campaign Boot Camp Trains GOP to Catch Up

By Kyle Trygstad

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Amethyst Archer probably wasn’t the targeted audience for the campaign boot camp held on the eve of the Conservative Political Action Conference, but the presenters made it clear the right needs all the help it can get in 2016 and beyond.

The Tulsa, Okla., resident is just 12 years old, and was the youngest of the few hundred activists and operatives — ranging from college students to senior citizens — who sat in for at least a portion of CPAC’s first-ever basic training for running effective, modern campaigns.

Continue reading →

CPAC 2015 Digital Action: Conservatives Have Fallen Behind in Campaign Tech

The Voter Gravity team spoke to hundreds of conservatives about campaign technology at the CPAC 2015 Activism Boot Camp last week. Campaign staff and activists took away practical tips and fresh perspectives as they prep to make a difference on the ground this year and next. Here’s an excerpt from a piece by Breitbart News covering the event. To read the full piece, click here.

CPAC 2015 Digital Action: Conservatives Have Fallen Behind in Campaign Tech

By Warner Todd Huston

Conservatives and the Republican Party have fallen far behind the left in campaign voter outreach technology, and Ned Ryun hoped to help participants at CPAC 2015 learn how to gain that lost ground.

Ryun, the founder and director of the campaign operative training group American Majority, hosted a breakout session at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference titled, “Back to the Future: Catching up on Political Technology.” During his comments, Ryun warned that the center right is woefully behind the curve in campaign technology, and if things don’t change, it will seriously hamper the electoral future of conservatives and Republicans both. Continue reading →

Georgia Presidential Flash Poll Results

This week’s Voter Gravity Presidential flash poll was conducted in Georgia. It was conducted with GOP primary voters who voted in 4 of the last 4 primaries in addition to both of the last 2 Presidential primaries, as our target for these polls remains exclusively the Republican base.

The poll was conducted using Gravity’s touchtone survey tool, and had 6,745 respondents from across Georgia. All our clients have access to this same resource to poll voters in their respective districts at any time.

Scott Walker continues to do very well with top tier GOP Primary voters across all states within this polling, as do Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee. Breitbart’s recent article on Voter Gravity polling referenced Rand Paul’s low numbers in state and national polls in comparison to his CPAC win. There is a pretty simple reason for this. A Voter Gravity poll recipient is at least 24 years old, with most being 40 or older.

Why is this? Because we are drawing from the voter’s election history to determine status as a consistent GOP primary voter. Younger voters have not had the opportunity to establish such historical voting patterns.

This asks a much more significant question for candidates like Senator Paul, who do very well in younger demographics, like those who participated in the CPAC straw poll. Can he carry GOP primary voters over 40, who as the General Social Survey and Fifty Thirty Eight Politics have shown that, “The average ‘strong Republican’ was 52.3 years old in the 2010 and 2012.”

Unquestionably, the dynamics change in a general election, but does carrying the smaller demographic of youth voters matter in a Republican Primary? As any campaign manager will tell you – mathematically, the millennial vote is not as important as older voters in the GOP primary.

Therefore – narrative is going to matter sooner than later. How issues are shaped and related to the respective demographics is going to play an important role in what supporters the respective candidates can earn.

Surprising absolutely no one, when the GOP Presidential Primary becomes a real race – the winning candidate will define a narrative that resonates with older voters to secure a win, but keeps younger voters interested enough to translate to the general election.

With regards to millennial voters, one thing remains very clear – their top concerns are not the same as older voters, with Reason-Rupe Polling actually calling them the “Politically Unclaimed Generation.”

So, what narratives will successfully walk the tight rope that bridges older and younger voters?

We don’t yet know, but the smart campaigns should be in the field doing issues based ID work right now, so they can make the right decision when the time comes. In 2016, the name ID leads will wear off, and the candidate who can best emotionally connect to voters will win the day. Data must help inform that message and tone, and 2015 is when that research should be done.

This is why Voter Gravity exists – to provide tools for data collection that inform decision making, and turn data into votes.

If you are interested in signing up with Voter Gravity to help your campaign or organization, simply request a demo of our system here.

Click here to view the flash poll results!

American Majority Action 2014 Grassroots Victories

American Majority Action used Voter Gravity in Wisconsin this fall. Take a look at their latest report:

Thank you to all of our volunteers and staff who knocked on doors and turned out the conservative vote needed to win around the country last week! These races were won on the ground and every single voter contact was critical to sending a strong message to Washington that we need to change course.

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