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Field Staffers: The Best Way to Save Time in 2014

Imagine you are walking away from a door after an unusually productive conversation with a voter. You’re glad to finally get some door-to-door campaigning done after waiting for over a week to get these printed walk books returned to you. Now that you have them, you’re hitting the streets again.

But you glance down to fill in the bubble for the last house on your scan sheet, you suddenly realize the bubble is already marked and you have been entering the wrong data for the wrong houses for quite a while.

Sound familiar? If so, you were probably a Republican field staffer or volunteer in 2012 and 2013. . . or for the last several decades. On a piece of paper like a scan sheet, filling in the wrong bubble is such an easy mistake, and no doubt many have done it. So what to do in such a situation? Do you fill out an entirely new sheet when you get back to the campaign headquarters, assuming you can tell where the mistake was made, or do you just accept that the last five houses are going to have bad data, and move on? Good question and no doubt any number of combinations of the above were done, leading to questionable data.

Thankfully, technology has made these kinds of frustrations obsolete. Sadly, many field staffers and volunteers on the center right are still battling with paper walk lists and scan sheets thru 2013, but they don’t have to in 2014. Platforms like Voter Gravity completely eliminate paper from your canvassing and help mitigate, if not completely eliminate, the problem of data loss or data corruption while canvassing.

Custom Create the Lists You Need

Campaign technology like Voter Gravity allows you to create user-friendly, mapped-out walk-lists up to 25 at a time (with ability to reach 625 households per canvassing dashboard), helping campaigns complete in minutes what used to take days. Create walk lists for the precise areas that you need, exactly when you need them. You no longer have to carry around all the papers, and the chance of entering the wrong data for the wrong house plummets.

Only Enter Data Once

An equally time consuming and frustrating task is often data upload. With campaign tech, your data is uploaded as soon as it is entered to servers. No more scanning and hand entering hundreds of sheets after the fact. No more hours standing in front of the scanner after a long day of door knocking, or staying up until 2 or 3am doing manual entry because the bubble sheets got crumpled or wet. Data from the day is immediately available for counting and analysis, leaving you ready to cut accurate walk lists for the next day’s door-to-door operations.

With Voter Gravity, we’re not only trying to save campaigns and organizations time and money, but people, we’re trying to save the trees and quite frankly, field staffers’ sanity and lives.