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Here’s What A Modern Campaign Looks Like

Using campaign technology correctly means accomplishing the gold standard in politics — live interactions with voters. While many campaigns (of all sizes) still use paper walk lists and pens when contacting voters, our clients are doing incredible things with our system. We’re seeing truly remarkable modern campaigning going on. Hats off to you!

What does this actually look like? Voter Gravity clients are:
  • Testing messaging early on in the campaign by flash polling voters on issues they care about.
  • Integrating the entire campaign — tagging voters in real time with information gathered through voter contact at doors, events, phone, email and online sign-up forms, surveys, donations.
  • Going mobile. They encourage volunteers to BYOD (bring your own device) and go door-to-door with our app
  • In Pursuit of Awesomeness on their smartphones or tablets.
  • Tracking donors and contributions — cross referencing identified supporters against other data in our system including donor status.
  • Running call-from-home phone banking programs where the volunteers use their own phones without displaying their caller IDs.
  • Monitoring their entire campaigns in real time.
In an effort to keep up with you, we redesigned our website this week. Over 50 percent of our visitors access the site via mobile devices so we’ve made the site even more dynamic and easier to navigate on your device.
Our continued success is due to our clients who are off the charts. We’re simply offering top-of-the-line voter technology for the strategic, modern campaign who is taking the steps to do campaigning right. Keep up the great work!