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Should Political Candidates Campaign During the Holidays?

There is no time like the present. This old adage can apply to political campaigning during one of the busiest times of the year. The decision to campaign during the holidays is, of course, best left to each individual campaign. The type and timing of voter contact will also be a factor.

There are plenty of reasons.  It can be tempting to defer campaign events and voter contact during holidays and vacation months, but consider the potential downside of suspending a campaign for weeks, losing valuable time, and risking a stall in organization, momentum, and energy.

The weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year are often considered down time for most political campaigns, but it can also be a huge opportunity for conservatives who recognize it as such and are willing to use it to advantage.

With many states having early Primaries in 2016, lack of time can be a critical factor.  Candidates that opt to continue voter contact activities during the holiday season create opportunities to demonstrate a work ethic and willingness to do what it takes, as well as create early name ID and differentiate the candidate from opponents. Never let an opportunity go to waste.

Should a political candidate campaign during the holidays

Here are ten ways to campaign during the holidays:

  1. Host a holiday meet and greet for targeted voters

  2. Review vote goals, campaign fundraising, and budget, and track progress

  3. Post photos and keep website and social media pages current, relevant, and active

  4. Mail or email a holiday message to supporters, donors, volunteers, and targeted voters

  5. Attend holiday and special events in district to increase campaign visibility and name recognition

  6. Schedule a campaign staff meeting or party

  7. Personalized lit drops and door to door contact with identified voters

  8. Plan and build walk lists for future use

  9. Continue building networks of donors, supporters, and volunteers

  10. Train campaign team/volunteers to use Voter Gravity

The Right continues to lag behind the Left in terms of voter contact and data collection. It’s important to be open to connecting with constituents at all times of year, and formally reach out to voters when there’s opportunity. In short, campaign during the holidays!

At Voter Gravity, we view voter contact as a marathon, not a sprint.  Building a good ground game and early, long term, face to face contact with targeted voters is key to winning. According to the Yale Study by Gerber and Green, door to door is the most effective, and least expensive form of voter contact.

The way to defeat your opponent is to outwork your opponent, so prepare for the weather and the season, and go for it.