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Integrate Like Obama

Voter Gravity Announces New Email, Survey, Event and Fundraising Integrations

Over the last generation, technology has changed our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. From personal photos that needed labs to develop film, to information seekers who relied on hours of scouring through books to find answers for the millions of tourists staring at maps to locate their destination, technology has made these once-complex tasks incredibly simple.

What has technology really done for us? Technology has saved us time. Time is one of the most precious commodities of the 21st century. With the time saved we can focus on a variety of other things that make us far more productive.

Obama’s Tech Success

It’s no secret that President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign used the combination of field work and technology to create efficiency in everything they did. They saved time usually spent on mundane tasks to make voter contact more productive. And with more productive voter contact came more productive data analysis, which yielded a better understanding of their target voters and the means to reach and turn them out to vote in the most efficient way possible.

Every campaign dreams of the time savings and productivity generated by Obama’s field tools and data operations, but Narwhal, Dashboard and the variety of other tools required incredible talent and millions of dollars to build.

The Voter Gravity Integration Solution

 At Voter Gravity we realize most campaigns do not have the money, resources and talent to duplicate — and go beyond — an operation like Obama’s 2012 campaign. Over the last few months we have been building integrations with some of the most popular web apps to provide candidates of any size with the time savings they need to make the most of their campaign… without breaking the bank.

Voter Gravity is at the center of a campaign’s voter contact operation combining survey/data collection on mobile walklists, live phone calls, and touchtone surveys with automated calls and capturing new contacts on mobile phones from any rally, event or crowd.

1. Integrate Email: MailChimp

We integrate our clients’ Voter Gravity accounts with MailChimp, one of the best email marketing companies in the business. This ensures that any email collected in the field goes straight to your email list, and any text, social media or web based email sign ups become available within the Voter Gravity CRM tools.

2. Integrate Events: Eventbrite

We also realize that events are an important part of any campaign, so we completed our integration with Eventbrite. Every event attendee and ticket/donation is captured and stored in Voter Gravity and available within our CRM tools.

3. Integrate Surveys: SurveyMonkey

The third major integration this summer helps solve the problem of how mass survey and ID work is done online since fewer and fewer people have home phones.  Our integration with SurveyMonkey will allow every client to run targeted online surveys for any issue or campaign, capturing the right information, so they can append and match the survey takers to their respective voter records within Voter Gravity.

4. Integrate Fundraising: Anedot

Lastly, no campaign can run without their lifeblood of money. We are thrilled to offer an integration with Anedot, who unlike most online donation solutions, understands the needs specific to campaigns. Campaigns can use the Anedot donation tools on their websites or social media, and every donation will be automatically captured and stored in Voter Gravity.

The Best-in-the-Business Tools

At Voter Gravity we never felt we could build tools better than these services who have invested millions of dollars to become the best in the business. This is why we have integrated with these best-in-market tools. Our clients can avoid tediously updating and uploading spreadsheets by hand.

We don’t want our clients to waste time doing voter lookups one by one to add hundreds or sometimes thousands of data points to their database. Occasionally the campaign has staff to help with this, but on far too many occasions the valuable information gathered online, at a door, or at an event never makes it into a place where the campaign can quickly analyze the data and make decisions accordingly.

Turning Data Into Votes

We want to make sure all that hard work the campaign staff and volunteers have done is translated into votes. Campaign staff and volunteers should not become burnout and uninspired. They should be proud of every day’s accomplishments because they can see the fruits of their labor as it happens.

These new integrations, and the campaign technology Voter Gravity has been building for the last couple years, is designed to save time, money and resources for any campaign. With this efficiency, campaigns can be far more productive by deploying people and resources to the places that matter most.

Let Voter Gravity show you how we can save you time, money and resources. Sign up for an online demo of Voter Gravity today to check out our newest integrations!