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Special Feature: Integrated Phone System

Voter Gravity is one of the first on the market to link canvassing and phone banking in real-time. With one more easy way to use the data at your disposal, it’s another step towards our goal to completely integrate message, manpower and money all in one platform. Our phone features include:

  • Built-in Phone System: Phone bank the way best for you — at home or at headquarters. Call lists via VoIP, mobile, or landlines.
  • Easy Data Access: Access pre-collected and databased voter contact information quickly;
  • Quick Creation: Create call lists in a matter of minutes;
  • Targeted Surveying: With the phone system tied into our surveys, you can add data real time as calls are being made;
  • Share with Volunteers: Grant access to unique call lists to specific volunteers;
  • Predictive Dialing: Set up predictive dialing through the system to complete more live calls.
Voter Gravity Phone System
Phone banking is another powerful tool to reach out and build a relationship with your voters. Watch this video in which I explain just how you can maximize your impact with Voter Gravity’s Phone System.