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This is What Engineering Victory Looks Like

It’s been a busy and rewarding summer and fall for the Voter Gravity team. We crossed a lot of items off our 2015 bucket list and are consequently in a better position to serve you! It was a privilege to help campaigns soar across the finish line earlier this month. We’re already working with 2016 campaigns who are gathering voter data to fine tune their messaging and speak directly to their voters.
My favorite upgrades:

  • Voter Gravity New FeaturesRNC Integration: Voter Gravity completed full integration with the Republican National Committee and is now an approved mobile app vendor
  • Dynamic Surveys: Campaigns can now run dynamic surveys, smoothly switching surveys on mobile devices while speaking with voters at their doorstep
  • Predictive Dialing: Clients can set up predictive dialing to re-target voters
  • Website Setup: Clients can receive a fully-built and integrated website that is mobile friendly, secure, integrated, and SEO charged
  • Web-based Integration Tools: Your voter data seamlessly syncs with hundreds of web apps such as Facebook, Anedot, Survey Monkey and Eventbrite
  • Text Messaging: Use Voter Gravity to share news and pictures, request donations or solicit surveys of anyone who has a mobile phone
  • Matching Voters By Twitter, Email, RNC ID: Easily merge and match outside data with your voter file


In addition to all of these new features and integrations, we’ve put a good amount of time into making the system even faster and more scalable. We’re excited about 2016 and what the next year holds for us.