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Voter Gravity Announces Integration with the RNC Database

Voter Gravity announced today that it has fully integrated with the Republican National Committee database.

“We’re excited about these API integrations,” said Ned Ryun, CEO of Voter Gravity. “This will allow any candidate or state party who chooses to use Voter Gravity on the front end to put data back in real time into the RNC.”

“We believe that this is going to help more Republican candidates win in 2016,” said Chris Littleton, head of operations at Voter Gravity. “We’re going to continue pushing the envelope on our software and make Voter Gravity an even more powerful, user-friendly system.”

Voter Gravity’s suite of tools and features include a mobile app, phone system, CRM, touchtone surveys, Esri-based maps and walk-list cutting, with more features being rolled out Fall of 2015.

“Our ultimate goal is to outmaneuver the left philosophically and politically,” Ryun added. “And the best way to accomplish this is to fully leverage all of our data technology for the center Right, while always keeping true to our strongly held beliefs.”

About Voter Gravity

Voter Gravity, a campaign technology company, gives users access to their voter data and the ability to integrate that data, leverage an up-to-date voter database, connect with voters through mobile canvassing and other tools, and analyze results via a user-friendly dashboard. For further product features, media should go to Voter Gravity’s features page at www.VoterGravity.com/features.


Click here to view a PDF of the above press release.

Media Contact: Aubrey Blankenship, aubrey@votergravity.com.

*The previous version of this post and press release included the Data Trust as part of this integration. A separate, formal integration with Data Trust is currently in negotiation.