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Simplifying Donations for Political Campaigns

Raising money should be the number one task for any political candidate. Making donations for political campaigns as smooth and integrated as possible puts the campaign on the road to success.

Last week we announced that Voter Gravity has fully integrated with best-in-business apps to bring our clients the most integrated experience possible. We are thrilled to offer an integration with Anedot, who unlike most online donation solutions, understands the needs specific to campaigns. Campaigns can use the Anedot donation tools on their websites or social media, and every donation will be automatically captured and stored in Voter Gravity.

Anedot ®

Better Fundraising™

By Paul Dietzel, Anedot Founder/CEO

For most people, fundraising is time-consuming and challenging. It isn’t particularly fun to research donors or ask people to give, but it is necessary — because money, at minimum, helps win elections by getting the right message to the right audience.

Anedot built a fundraising platform that allows campaigns to focus on relationships and “the money ask” rather than worrying about how the donor will give once they’ve committed. With Anedot, you can accept donations literally anywhere: your website, Anedot’s website, your Facebook page, your mobile phone, the donor’s mobile phone and via Anedot’s API (btw, fully integrated with VoterGravity).

When choosing a donation or fundraising platform, a few questions generally arise:

  1. How much will it cost?

With Anedot, the price is right: Anedot has one of the best prices in the political market: 3.9% + 30¢; no setup fees, no on-going fees.

  1. I don’t know much about all that tech stuff. How easy is it for me?

Anedot is created and built by technologists, fundraisers, digital experts and politicos; though we’ve built our tools to adapt and expand as you need more function, out of the box Anedot is easy for anyone — it is “grandma approved.”

  1. I’m a digital-power-player and need advanced customizations, can Anedot handle my needs?

In addition to local and county elections, Anedot works with Presidential Campaigns, Gubernatorial campaigns, US Senate and US Congressional campaigns. The software is built from the ground up to maximize fundraising collections with power-users in mind with a large number of customizations built internally or built through collaboration with certified partners. And, Anedot support is amazing.

  1. How quickly do I get my money?

Fast! Anedot doesn’t hold your money. You can have funds sent to your bank account whenever you want. It generally takes 2-3 days for funds to appear in your bank account after someone has made a donation. This is the normal timeline for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. For those wanting more control, you can also request your account be setup to have manual or automated transfers.

  1. What about customer service?

Anedot’s Service team is consistently praised by organizations across the country as being one of the best service teams in the business. Anedot Service is available by phone, email and chat. Anedot has American support answering the phone 24/7 — and we love that.