Your Campaign Blog Needs These Five Things

Your Campaign Blog

Most campaigns struggle with getting their message to their constituents. The hot topics of the day or single issue voters can really derail a campaign’s ability to adequately get their message across without being sidetracked. If this is the case with your campaign, your website, and specifically your campaign blog, needs to become the place where people can get your opinion and views about issues that are important to the office for which you are running. Here are five ways to improve your campaign blog. Continue reading →

New Website Setup for Voter Gravity Clients

In today’s digital age it’s more important than ever to have a place for people to learn about you and your campaign online. This seems like a pretty obvious statement, but here’s where the problems start piling on.

Do you have a web designer? Do you have an easy way to add content using a system similar to a word processor? Does the website use the most up-to-date security features? Does your website work on desktop, tablet, and mobile?

Seems like a lot to think about, right? That’s just scratching the surface. There is an immense amount of work that goes into creating an effective website for your campaign including, but not limited to, integrations with third party applications. We have decided to help you solve these problems. Continue reading →

Why you should use Anedot for your Campaign Donations

As someone who has helped quite a few candidates and non-profits get off the ground, I’ve found that the most obvious elephant in the room is the ability to gather funds.

I have used Anedot for every statewide non-profit I have worked with as well as small, local races. Here are a few reasons why I chose (and will continue to choose) Anedot.

Every campaign needs the ability to collect donations, this is pretty obvious, but not every campaign knows the best ways to go about doing it. Most campaigns default to Paypal because they know it to be a great way to collect money (and they would be right), but Paypal falls short when compared to a donation specific service.

That’s where Anedot comes in. Continue reading →

One thing you can do to improve your social media presence

The likelihood that your campaign is using social media is pretty high. There’s an even higher chance that you are using Facebook since it’s the largest network in existence. A lot of campaigns think they are using their Facebook page appropriately, but in our experience, there are lots of areas where a campaign can improve.

A few ways you can improve your Facebook presence: use better pictures, share editorials/articles that you have opinions about, and advertise to connect with more people. Continue reading →

Canva for Campaigns


There’s nothing more of a pain than trying to create good images for your campaign. It seems like a magical art that only a few people seem to understand and those people… cost a lot of money.

As a campaign in today’s environment, you will need to have optimized photos for all social media outlets, blog, flyers, and anything else that could possible come at you.

This is where canva.com come in.

Their slogan is “Amazingly Simple Graphics” and they aren’t kidding. From their drag and drop creation tool to their simple, pre-built templates, Canva will solve all of your graphic design problems. Canva makes it easy to create graphics for your different social media platforms by giving you customized image sizes to choose from before you create your graphic.

Canva allows you to upload any picture you have to their system and then edit it by adding filters, text, and objects. Most of the items are free, but there are some premium additions at $1 a piece.

This sounds simple, but the number of applications is astounding. And if it doesn’t sound simple, no worries, they have a free design school that will teach you how to use colors, objects, images, sizing, and every other graphics design knowledge that you could ever want.

And, if you can’t seem to get the right picture and you see that Canva provides one that you absolutely want to use, that element is only $1 to purchase. After that, you have the rights to use it where you please. The same goes with all the other objects, icons, and text that you find.

Check out the gallery of images to see all the different tools that canva provides:

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.07.40 AM