Michele Weslander Quaid, Google’s Public Sector CTO, Joins Voter Gravity Board

We’re excited to announce that Michele Weslander Quaid, Chief Technology Officer (Public Sector) and Innovation Evangelist for Google, has joined the Voter Gravity board. Michele was recently named one of the seven most powerful women to watch in 2014 by Entrepreneur magazine. We’re looking forward to how her innovative start-up mentality and strong technology background will help Voter Gravity become a more focused platform for effective activism. A registered Independent who firmly believes in Constitutional Conservative principles, Michele is a significant addition to the Voter Gravity team and is already enriching the board with her great perspective and energy as we launch into 2014.

Welcome, Michele!

View press release here.

In the Trenches: What Republican Operatives Need to Know About Voter Canvassing

When it comes to actually turning out voters, one of the most effective campaign methods is also the oldest: door-to-door canvassing. For decades, political scientists have analyzed and debated the effectiveness of various means of campaigning, and the utility of canvassing remains one of the few undisputed conclusions reached by major scholars of the subject.
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Integrate Voter Gravity with Hundreds of Apps

As we enter 2014, effectively utilizing campaign tech is more important than ever before. Winning elections first requires efficiently organizing the right resources. What’s worse than spending too many staff and volunteer hours on tasks that don’t result in votes? I believe it is critical to maintain a laser-sharp focus on the things that matter by simplifying tasks and eliminating disorder. Let’s stop cutting walk-lists that don’t make sense and drain the enthusiasm of valued volunteers by sending them to the wrong routes. Instead, start keeping track of tasks in one space, knowing in real-time when voters have been contacted, what their responses were, and who contacted them.

This is why I’m excited to share two of our most recent advances in using Voter Gravity to simplify your campaign:

1. Now They Talk to Each Other: All Web Apps Integrated

Voter Gravity is the first application in politics to integrate with Zapier, a service that makes your web apps talk to each other. Thanks to this ground-breaking integration, you can link Voter Gravity with over 250 other web applications, enabling you to use the website, email, and social tools you want without forcing you into a box. Some of the web apps include Gravity Forms (for WordPress), MailChimp, Emma, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Eventbrite, and more. See the full directory of apps you can use here.

For current users, to begin using Voter Gravity and Zapier, contact our support team and we will get you set up! If you aren’t using Voter Gravity yet and would like to integrate voter data with your other web apps, what’s stopping you? Request a demo today!

2. Time is Money: All New Voter Search

Searching for contacts in Voter Gravity is now a quicker, easier process than ever before! This week we’ve launched an all-new search engine that will speed up voter lookups. The new search quickly pulls up voters by name or address. There’s only so much time in a day and this is part of an overall focus to make Voter Gravity lightening fast, which means making your campaign more efficient and productive.

Special Feature: Integrated Phone System

Voter Gravity is one of the first on the market to link canvassing and phone banking in real-time. With one more easy way to use the data at your disposal, it’s another step towards our goal to completely integrate message, manpower and money all in one platform. Our phone features include:

  • Built-in Phone System: Phone bank the way best for you — at home or at headquarters. Call lists via VoIP, mobile, or landlines.
  • Easy Data Access: Access pre-collected and databased voter contact information quickly;
  • Quick Creation: Create call lists in a matter of minutes;
  • Targeted Surveying: With the phone system tied into our surveys, you can add data real time as calls are being made;
  • Share with Volunteers: Grant access to unique call lists to specific volunteers;
  • Predictive Dialing: Set up predictive dialing through the system to complete more live calls.
Voter Gravity Phone System
Phone banking is another powerful tool to reach out and build a relationship with your voters. Watch this video in which I explain just how you can maximize your impact with Voter Gravity’s Phone System.


Voter technology in 21st century: Get smart or get left behind

The founder of a political advocacy group is branching into new territory: voter technology.

Voter Gravity, a campaign technology company, is recognized for its integrated and voter contact solution. The company filed its $2 million in partial funding last week with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Ned Ryun, founder and president of American Majority, an organization that identifies and trains candidates and activists to become involved in the political process, is behind the new venture.

He says Republicans can’t depend on winning elections by chance.

“I think those on the center-right are finally waking up and understanding, We had better do something about our data. We had better do something about our technology, or we will get left behind,” he tells OneNewsNow.

A November story on American Majority, for example, describes how to use social media to reach others or, to be more exact, “nine ways to fail at social media.”

Read the rest of the article at OneNewsNow.com.

Announcing New Feature for Campaigns & Additional Capital

Catching Up on Campaign Tech
Please take three minutes to read my new piece in The American Spectator titled, “Catching Up on Campaign Tech.” There’s a lot to learn from last month’s election in order to gain real momentum for 2014:
“Virginia’s gubernatorial elections just weeks ago offered the first test of whether the GOP had learned its lessons from 2012—and an honest assessment shows more work to be done. Democrat Terry McAuliffe scaled down Obama’s model, contracting with BlueLabs, an analytics and data company started by some of Obama for America’s senior analytics staff, and fundraising and get-out-the-vote firm NGP VAN to model and target Virginians. McAuliffe ultimately won by less than 2.5 percent.

Republicans need to do better.”

Announcing Voter Gravity Contacts

Winning elections isn’t just about contacting voters. It’s about building relationships with supporters, contributors, and other key contacts who may or may not be voters in your district.

Today we are excited to announce a brand new feature in Voter Gravity that gives campaigns and organizations the ability to integrate all of their data into one place.

The new Voter Gravity Contacts module gives you an easy place to store your campaign’s contacts, manage donors, and keep in touch with the people most important to your campaign.

The Contacts module is a lean tool today, and we will be adding new functionality to it in the coming weeks. Take Voter Gravity Contacts for a spin. Sign up for a free demo today!

Voter Gravity Raises Additional Capital

We’re really excited to share that we’ve recently raised $2 million in partial close funding with a goal of doubling that. It’s exciting to reach this new stage of growth, and we’re grateful for our friends, family, investors, partners, and users who have helped us get to this point.

Catching Up on Campaign Tech

In the weeks following the 2012 elections, the post-mortems revealed how tech-savvy Obama’s re-election operation had been. The campaign built a revolutionary data-sharing platform and had more than 300 technologists and analysts on staff. In October of 2012, polls were showing a very close race, and the president’s approval rating hovered near 50 percent. So on election night, when battleground states began falling like dominoes into Obama’s column, and when Romney came up 126 electoral votes short, many people right of center were stunned.

Virginia’s gubernatorial elections just weeks ago offered the first test of whether the GOP had learned its lessons from 2012—and an honest assessment shows more work to be done. Democrat Terry McAuliffe scaled down Obama’s model, contracting with BlueLabs, an analytics and data company started by some of Obama for America’s senior analytics staff, and fundraising and get-out-the-vote firm NGP VAN to model and target Virginians. McAuliffe ultimately won by less than 2.5 percent.

Republicans need to do better.

Read the full article on Spectator.org.

What Can Voter Gravity Data Do For You?

You’ve heard that Voter Gravity has an extensive voter database. But what exactly does that mean? Let’s break it down:
  • 175+ million voter records
  • Voter records across all 50 states
  • Vote history for last four to six cycles of all major elections
  • 90 million phone numbers
  • Addresses geocoded and updated every quarter
  • 65 distinctive consumer and demographic data points for voter profiles
  • Ability to keep a voter’s data when he or she moves, even across state lines
Our files come straight from local election officials, are merged into a master file where we check for up-to-date address changes and append them with phone numbers and consumer data points that are often predictive of voting behavior. This combination of official voter files with modern consumer data analytics makes the Voter Gravity file incredibly accurate and insightful.
The goal of having data is to take action. Here’s what you can do with the data at your disposal through Voter Gravity’s unique application:
  • Access voter records in your district 24/7
  • Link voter records with your Facebook friends (coming soon!)
  • Create walk lists in minutes
  • Create voter surveys and link them to phone banks and walk lists
  • Tag voters with unique attributes for your district
  • Create target voter profiles based on any combination of data points
  • Access voter data on any smartphone or tablet
Intrigued? Request a demo!

Political Technology: Now We’re Faster & Even More User-Friendly

Every day, we release new updates to Voter Gravity. Here are a few big changes we’ve made recently:

1. Faster Maps: We’ve completely re-written how data loads onto maps to make them significantly faster. Also filters will load in real time. (Note: there is an issue with filters not holding when switching precincts. We are updating this function.)

2. Quick Login: If you have access to only one account, you no longer have to select that account before logging in. The system will log you in immediately after you enter your username and password.

3. Walklist Updates: Printed walklists now display the tags associated with each voter, so a canvasser will know more about that voter as they go up to the house. Admins can determine which tags appear on the walklists by going to Manage > System Tags and hiding any tags they don’t want volunteers to be able to see.

To keep up-to-date with the latest changes in Voter Gravity, visit our Support Portal. Here’s to using the best political technology to increase that person-to-person interaction, build meaningful relationships, and win!

Voter Gravity’s Mobile Canvassing App: Video Overview

Live conversations are one of the most impactful ways to generate votes for your candidate. The personal connection is always what we need to emphasize when campaigning. Today I explain how to utilize Voter Gravity’s mobile canvassing app to deploy walk-lists to your campaign staff and volunteer team in seconds: